Artist Biography

I am a visual artist and poet residing in the northwestern mountains of North Carolina – my home state.  I began drawing at age eleven using newspaper advertisements as my subject matter.  Over the years I began using pastels, oil and acrylic paints, often returning to my original graphite sketching.  In 2015 I began doing more work in color pencil and over the past few months have worked exclusively in that medium.
My style varies from strong impasto to sleek finishes and from figurative to impressionist and expressionist works.  My enjoyment of various media and styles carries over into my subject matter as well.  I create still life, landscape and floral works as well as human and animal portraiture.  As an avid photographer I paint almost entirely from my photographs with the exception of still lifes.  I’ve exhibited my work in galleries, shops and businesses.
I have been working full-time as a visual artist since 2011 after 20 years in the financial industry.   My creative energy has resulted in an outpouring of work.  This is due in no small part to the constant encouragement of my husband and muse, novelist and professor, Jim Booth
I hope you’ll bookmark my site and return regularly to see new artwork and photography and follow my blog.  I write regularly about the genesis of my artwork (The Making Of…. series) and on my nature discoveries (The Continuing Discoveries of a 21st Century Artist and Naturalist series).

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