365 Days of Thankfulness

Day Forty-two January 4, 2018

Today I am thankful I’m not a type of waterfowl.

Yesterday I watched three male mallard ducks on the river moving fast through the cold waters.  I wondered if paddling faster keeps them warmer.  The temperatures we’ve been having must be tough to endure.

The Great Blue Heron was back yesterday as well.  He flew over and landed on the ice that continues to thicken along the river’s edge.  For a wading bird that fishes in more shallow waters finding a meal seems challenging – even overwhelming.  It’s not as if they had the benefit of backyard bird feeders to supplement their winter diet.

Since the Canadian Geese, the Herons, and the Mallards stay here year-round their down feathers must provide a layer of insulation that allows them to survive such cold spells.

Even so, I would not want to be one of them this time of year.



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