365 Days of Thankfulness

Day Twenty-three December 16, 2017

Today I am thankful for the lovely songs of the season.

I hear Christmas carols that I learned as a child.  Some were learned in church and  some from listening to the radio.

As I listen to them I recall sitting in the living room of the house in which I grew up.  My sisters and I would sit on the sofa facing the tree, with the lights off, and sing carol’s together.  The warmth of that memory – our untrained voices, the closeness with which we sat together, transfixed by the songs, the lights on the Christmas tree – comes rushing back to me every year

We don’t sing together anymore.  We don’t even spend the holidays with each other but as children we were a loving trio mesmerized by the joy and warmth of the season.

I carry that memory with me in my heart.


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