365 Days of Thankfulness

Day Nineteen – December 13, 2017

Yesterday I was thankful for photographs that bring deep memories back to us.  Today I’m thankful for the Christmas tree ornaments I have that remind me of people I have known and different segments of my life.

Each year putting up our tree is a walk through time.  We don’t use the color-coordinated ornaments of my parents’ trees.  Instead, our tree has a variety of ornaments – some dating from childhood while others are gifts from family and friends.  Every ornament hung has it’s own memory attached of the names and faces of whomever gave them to us.

Mingled together are the painted wooden ornaments from a kit a neighbor gave my sisters and I when I was a child, lovely decorative glass balls from co-workers, and red bells from my husband’s childhood trees.  Ornaments from my and my husband’s first Christmas together hang alongside the one we add each year.  Throughout the tree hang ornaments that create mini-themes celebrating our hobbies and interests.

Santa ornaments range from fly-fishing Santas and gear, to beach Santas, to more ornate Father Christmas figures.  There are butterflies, birds, and even an artist’s palette.  Musical and whimsical ones are scattered among the molded beeswax ornaments.  Each one is a line in the story of our lives.

So, today I am thankful for each ornament and the memories that hang on our tree through the holiday season.



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