365 Days of Thankfulness

Day Eighteen – December 12, 2017

Today I am thankful for memory photographs.
Photographs connect us to our past and provide reminders of significant events in our lives. In our digital age we likely have few physical photo albums but probably take more pictures than our parents and grandparents. But old photographs remind us of family members no longer with us, trips we’ve taken, and even events we might have otherwise forgotten. I call the latter memory prompters.
One such photograph comes to mind as a memory prompter. I was in Wyoming taking a break from fishing from the bank of the Green River. I watched in wonder as a Bald Eagle dove and caught a fish (he had much better luck than I did that day). I didn’t have time to capture the actual event but took a quick photo that serves to remind me of that point in time.  In the picture the eagle is dot in the sky but when I look at it I see the swoop and catch I witnessed.

I’ve slowly digitized my physical photographs but still have many I have not tossed away.  As I wrote this piece I realized that picture was one that was still packed away waiting to be scanned.  I hope to find it in the crate that contains physical pictures.  But I’ve included one I took of a Bald Eagle perched next to the river on a foggy morning last year.

Perhaps taking time to go through your photographs – physical or digital – you will find moments you had forgotten.




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