365 Days of Thankfulness

Day Twelve – December 4,2017

This weekend I spent time with my husband and his best friend (his brother-from-another-mother and band mate).

When they are together there’s always music, playing music and talking about music.  I listened to them discussing how little attention the bass drum gets because the snare drum is what jumps out at people.  They also talked about Keith Richards love of the blues and Paul McCartney putting in “fiddly bits” .  How, as a bass guitar player, my husband listens for the bass part in songs.  As songwriters and musicians they continually expand their knowledge through each other and listening to other musicians.

They have a knowledge base of music that I don’t fully grasp.  They both play by ear but can sight read music – not to the degree that an orchestral musician might but definitely rock and folk songs – and read sheet music as well.  I, on the other hand, learned to read sheet music when I took flute lessons in school.  I can sing along to sheet music, most of the time, because of learning songs from hymnals at church as a child.  Playing by ear eludes me and even have a difficult time, after not done so for over thirty years, playing my flute anymore.  I essentially learned to play by rote rather than real comprehension which makes playing an instrument, for which I was the first chair in school a couple of years, difficult (if not impossible) without re-learning the basics.

So today I am thankful for the exposure to other kinds of knowledge which expand my understanding – even if the terms and techniques are somewhat like a foreign language to me.

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