The Making of “Cavendish and Cognac” and “Piping”

It’s late May on the mountain with steady rain and a temperature struggling to reach 60° (F).  The dampness is giving the atmosphere a decidedly cooler feel to a Spring day.  I thought about this as I was deciding on which artwork piece to write about in my “Making of” series.  The chill in the air today made me think of two pieces that, while created in different media, emit a feel of old style warmth and comfort.

“Cavendish and Cognac” is a still life in oil.  “Piping” is a still life rendered in color pencil.  Both lean toward the masculine and the refined.  They invite you to sit back in a large, comfortable chair and enjoy a warm view whether you partake of the contents portrayed or not.  If it’s chilly where you are today have a warm beverage of your choice and follow the progress from beginning to end of both of these pieces.

Cavendish and Cognac

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Each step, whether from a direct view of an arrangement of objects as in “Cavendish and Cognac”, or from a photograph I took of an arranged objects required dedication and concentration.  While I don’t typically ‘enjoy’ photo-realistic work both of these arrangements contain surfaces I love rendering – wood and glass.

So as we move out of May, having passed the holiday with the heaviest volume of phone calls (Mother’s Day), and into the month that officially begins summer enjoy a few cooler days (hopefully) wherever you are.  And don’t forget to spend some time with your Dad for Father’s Day whether in person or by phone on the holiday with the heaviest volume of collect phone calls. Take a moment to relish having a father that’s always just a phone call away (collect or not) or one whom you have fond memories.

If you don’t have either of those perhaps indulging in a cold adult beverage will suffice.  Cheers!


If you are interested in purchasing either of these works you may do so here:

Cavendish and Cognac



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