The Making of “Growing Girls” Series

A drawing is a translation.  That is to say each mark on the paper is consciously related, not only to the real or imagined “model”, but also to every mark and space already set out on the paper…..Every time a figuration is evoked in a drawing, everything about it has been mediated by consciousness, either intuitively or systematically. – John Berger Another Way of Telling

The majority of my artwork results from, to use John Berger’s term, translating what I see to paper or canvas.  I arrange a still life and “translate” that into a painting.  I sit beside a stream and “translate” what is in front of me into what I “see”.  I take a photograph and take that “quotation” and “translate” it into a piece of my artwork.  However, there are times when that mediation “by consciousness” comes purely from intuition.

That is the case with the series of paintings I call “Growing Girls”.

This series began when I tried, for the first time,  to create by letting my “unconscious” mind direct what ended up on the paper or canvas in front of me.  The first two of these paintings are very loose but what I found happening in each was that a face (or faces) appeared during the process.  As I continued this process a face always emerged and so began the “Growing Girls” series.

The first two paintings in the series, “Letting Go” and “Tormented”, were done in 2010 during a confused and turbulent time in my life.  But not every painting that followed was a reflection of where I was emotionally.  Some, like “Weathering The Storm” and “In Bloom”, definitely arose from my emotional state.  Looking at those first four paintings I realized there was something happening in me and, as a result, in these free association paintings.  I could see growth and change – positive growth.  Many of the paintings came from using up left-over paints from another work I had just finished.  Over time the series grew from four paintings to fifteen.

This “Making of” piece will not show stages of the paintings in progress as I have done in the past because most were created in an hour or less from the time I put my brush to the mat board or canvas.  The only exceptions to this are “Appalachian Dreaming” which you can read about here and the Yoga pose paintings of which I’ve only completed two of the four I have planned.

I’m sure there will be more of these paintings when I settle in a new place but for now they illustrate a journey peppered with trauma, renewal,  recognition, and growth.

Letting Go

“Letting Go” Acrylic on Mat Board 15 x 20


“Tormented” Acrylic on Mat Board 15 x 20

2011 - Weathering The Storm Watermarked

“Weathering The Storm” – Acrylic on Mat Board 15 x 20

In Bloom

“In Bloom” Acrylic on Mat Board 15 x 20 NFS Private Collection

Dark Lady

“Dark Lady” Acrylic on Canvas Board – 14 x 11


“Strands” “Acrylic on Mat Board 15 x 20


“Guardian” Acrylic on Canvas Panel 11 x 14

Priestess Leilani

Priestess Leilani Acrylic on Canvas Board 11 x 14


“Aura” Acrylic on Glass 11″ x 14″


Moonglow Acrylic on Canvas Board 9 x 12

Mrs Modigliani

“Mrs. Modigliani” Acrylic on Canvas14″ x 11″ (Framed Dimensions 16.75″ x 13.75″)

Dancing to the Music of the Spheres

“Dancing to the Music of the Spheres” Acrylic on Glass 8 x 10

7 - Appalachian Dreaming 3 watermarked

Appalachian Dreaming Acrylic on Canvas (Sold)

Vrksasana Tree Pose - watermarked

Vrksasana – Tree Pose Oil on Canvas 96 x 48

Hasta Uttansana

Hasta Uttansana – A Sun Salutation Pose Oil on Canvas 96 x 48



If you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings shown please see the list below and follow the link to my Etsy store.

  • “Letting Go” – Click here
  • “Tormented” – Click here
  • “Weathering The Storm” – Click Here
  • “In Bloom” (not for sale – in a private collection)
  • “Dark Lady” – Click Here
  • “Strands” – Click Here
  • “Guardian” – Click Here
  • “Priestess Leilani” – (not for sale – private owner)
  • “Aura” – Click Here
  • “Moonlit” – Click Here
  • “Mrs. Modigliani” – Click Here
  • “Dancing to the Music of the Spheres” – Click Here
  • “Appalachian Dreaming” – sold
  •  “Vrksasana – Tree Pose Oil” – Click Here
  •  “Hasta Uttansana – A Sun Salutation Pose” – Click Here






























































































































































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