The Making of “Family Memories’

“Making a concrete association between a vivid memory and an object or a location, and recalling the love or joy we felt in that moment — helps us to relive that positive emotion again each time we see that object or place.” – “Play Back Your Best Memories” by Donna Jackson Nakazawa Psychology Today May 24, 2013

One of my favorite genres to paint is still life.  While the term comes from a Dutch word stilleven which may also be thought of as immobile life as the quote above indicates even immobile objects can be powerfully moving.  In my paintings of still lifes I often use objects that have significant emotional attachment for me as in “Mother’s Night Out – 1955” and “Granny’s Gifts”.   For this painting the memories attached to the objects are not mine but my husband, Jim’s.

There are a few of my paintings that are not for sale and this is one of them.  I painted this piece for him and it will only be sold if he wants to do so.

That’s the background of the piece and below is how it developed into a completed painting.  I did no study sketch and started photographing the progress at the end of the first day’s work.

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