The Making of Draped In Blues

My attraction to scarves probably began with a red knit tam and scarf I received as a very young girl.  That is the first one I remember having and as an adult I am drawn to the scarf bin in any second-hand store.

In this still life I’ve combined that inclination with my favorite color, blue, along with butterflies and flowers – both passions of mine.   The scarf, vase and book are all that I retain today as the other items have gone to new homes.  The dresser set of comb, brush and mirror initially attracted me because it reminded me of the one my MaMaw had on her dresser.  The cobalt blue candle holders were pieces I purchased when I went through a “candle holder collecting” phase.

The scarf was the first item I chose for the still life and the blue silk flowers were added because they seemed to match some of the flowers in the scarf.  The rest of the scene came together as I began to think of the scene as a lady’s dressing table.  The butterfly on a book of inspirational quotes, given to me some years before by a friend, echoed the butterflies on the scarf as well.

That’s how I chose the pieces and below is the process of creating the painting.

I did no preliminary sketches but did an under-painting in cadmium yellow rather than my customary yellow ocher and then began to lay out the basic shapes.  The scarf is draped over a mirror.  Only the lower right edge of the mirror is visible and shows the reflection of one of the candles and candle holders as well as part of the vase and flowers.


If you are interested in purchasing this painting, click here.






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