Every Time An Ornament Is Hung A Memory Returns

 Remembrance Of Christmas Past As Part of Christmas Present

When I sit in front of our tree my eyes wander from branch to branch with glances resting momentarily on the variety of ornaments hanging there.  As I do so I am reminded of the statement of Miss Mattie in Cranford – “Suddenly [memories] rise up, when I thought them fastened down.”

The memories illustrated by each ornament are as varied as their shapes, colors, and sizes.  When I hang an ornament  I see its origin and trace the trail of time whether long or short from its receipt.  Represented among the boughs are family, friends and co-workers; hobbies, interests, and places; fun, fantasy, and whimsy.

Our tree is not decorated in an overall ‘theme’ but is instead it is decorated in a collage of memories.

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