The Making Of Appalachian Dreaming

The artist alone sees spirits.  But after he has told of their appearing to him, everybody sees them.   –  Goethe

So many of my dreams should have been paintings.
The nightscapes in my sleeping mind often contain bizarre figures, concepts and colors which I should have at least attempted to transfer to paper or canvas.  The one that comes to mind most readily is finding out, years after my dreams, that artists were becoming quite wealthy creating statues like the ‘cow parades‘ of my dreams.  I had thought about painting them at the time but was too busy in my corporate career to take on the challenge.  Now there are dogs, pigs, horses, apples and even doughnuts (in my hometown where Krispy Kreme) started, on parade.
Now when I have a dream that, upon waking, feels like it should be a painting I don’t hesitate.  I may not paint it right away but I at least jot down the idea or make rough sketches.  The subject of this week’s ‘Making Of’ painting is one of those that I completed.  I include this painting in my ‘Growing Girls’ series even though this one was ‘planned’ where the others have been completely spontaneous.  I made various studies before beginning work on the painting.
The dream of a red-haired lady sleeping in a pile of leaves was so vivid and colorful I knew it had to be a painting.   The personification of autumn perhaps?  When it was completed I named it Appalachian Dreaming from beautiful old mountains in my home state.

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