Raising Kids

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.

Having never had a full-term pregnancy the day has been confusing to me for several years.  But even as a younger woman I could never decide about the red or white rose issue.  My mother has been dead since my birth but I had a wonderful step-mother from the age of two.  Now it’s even more confusing as I have two step-sons but I came into their lives too late to really be any kind of a mother figure.

The only real ‘mothering’ I’ve ever done is with animals.   So I decided to turn this confusion on its ear and have some fun looking at the kids I’ve been responsible for bringing into this world.  Over 100 if you use an informal version of the word ‘child’.   From 2003 to 2011 I raised Nubian X Boer goats and young goats are called kids.   An engrossing endeavor that relaxed me from career and failing relationships challenges and time spent with them was rewarding in ways nothing else was in my life. I particularly loved kidding season – anticipation, arrival, and naming the new arrivals.

Some were named for distinguishing features – a white blaze, long eyelashes, or a change in color at the top of their hooves. One I even named Elvis because the first week of his life when he stood one hind leg was angled from his body and that weak leg shook like The King’s. Others were named based on when they were born – Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Valentines Day, etc.  Most became the ‘victims’ of naming conventions based on their mother’s name – Bambi’s offspring eventually ended up being named after all Disney characters;   Aunt Bea’s for characters on the Andy Griffith show; Betsy Ross’ were given ‘patriotic’ or flag names.  All three of these nannies came to me already named but instigated some unusual names for my kids.

Below are pictures of most of my kids; I’m missing a few photos of kids in the early years. Can you guess why their particular names were chosen?



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