The Making of “Blue Reflections”

Blue is my favorite color.

It might seem odd for a visual artist to prefer one color over another.  Professionally I use all of the colors available to me but personally my favorite will always be blue.  Having that preference I gravitate toward it in home decor as well. Early in the summer of 2012 I was considering what to do for a new still life painting.   I began looking around for items to include and discovered I had accumulated many blue glass items over the years.
Another favorite of mine is working with textures in a drawing or painting.  I am particularly fond of wood and stone but glass has always fascinated me too.  So I decided that I would stage a still life and, to make things even more challenging, I’d place a large mirror behind the composition.   In addition to the wine bottles, vase, statue and flowers I included a blue blown-glass Christmas ornament, some cut glass pieces (used for decorative elements  in a clear flower vase) and a light blue balloon.   The painting emerged over seven or eight days and remains one of my favorites.
The photos show that emergence and the changes in blue tones I chose to use as well as the silvery background to insinuate a mirror rather than just a reflection of a blank wall behind the blue objects.
The progression, or making of, that painting is in the slide show of photos below.


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