The Making of “Motionless in Time”

I am not always conventional in my approach to my art nor am I ‘married’ to one style or medium.  Evidence of this can be seen in the variety of subjects, techniques, media, and styles in my paintings.  One of the methods I began using in 2009 is painting on glass.  Even within these paintings some are abstract expressionist (think Jackson Pollock) in style, others impressionistic, and still others are mixed media pieces.  (One such piece was given honorable mention in a juried show recently – “Water’s Edges”)
 click on individual photographs to enlarge.

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So for this week’s example of a painting from start to finish I’ve chosen one of my paintings on glass – “Motionless In Time”.
I had this painting in my head from my late teens.  Originally, I thought of this as being a view through a window of dark trees back-lit by a full moon.  But as I finally began work on this painting in 2011 it evolved into a moonlight night that could be from any vantage point.

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