Christmas Past

I don’t post my poetry anymore since many publishers stipulate that work posted on a blog is considered ‘previously published’ and I may attempt to publish them some day.  I’m making an exception today to post a poem I wrote over thirty years ago (in its original form) and have re-written and parsed down many times over the past few years.
It seemed appropriate as we return to our normal daily routines.
Another Christmas
suddenly you wake up
and it’s christmas;
that’s what the calendar
says anyway.
drizzly and rainy,
not the customary white.
a day full of
“I shouldn’t, but I will,” and
“you shouldn’t have, but
I’m glad you did.”
everyone smiles
fa la la
dishes washed and tucked away;
wrapping paper thrown
in the trash
ornaments and tree branches
stowed in boxes
’til next year.
the children’s cries
of “santa was here” fade
as does the wonder of
new toys by tomorrow.
they go back to school and
chrismas is gone.

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