Adding Art to Your Life

How to own artwork for your home or office with a miniscule investment.

You can own any of these paintings for only 20 cents plus shipping and handling.  Between now and December 31st in my Etsy store you can ‘purchase’ my original artwork for that small sum.  The 20 cent price tag only exists because it’s the minimum at which Etsy will allow items to be priced (it is also the amount Etsy charges me to list the item so I am making no profit on these ‘sales’.)

The longer explanation behind my actions on this can be found in a blog post from September – “Why I’m Giving My Art Away”.  The short version goes like this:  Exhibitors typically require submitted work be less than three years old to be considered for their shows.  I want to continue to exhibit my work so I maintain pieces that have been created in the last 3 years by continually creating new pieces even though sales are sporadic.   I have a small studio space in my home and only so much wall space in the house for my own artwork.  I want my artwork to have homes – places where they can be hung and enjoyed free from relegation to ‘dust bunny’ hiding places.

To obtain one of these paintings, go to my Etsy store between now and December 31st and pay the 20 cent minimum charge and the shipping and handling and the painting will be yours.

(Please read the IMPORTANT SHIPPING information in the store description for each painting so you won’t be alarmed at the high shipping charges listed.)

If you have questions you can contact me using the form on this post or through my Etsy store.

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