Capture Your Past

Once more I am writing about my card set from Lyn Gordon “52 Ways to Nurture Your Creativity”.  However, this post will be more visual than verbal.  The card I chose from the stack states, “There is nothing more reassuring than seeing how much your work has evolved over the years.  Dig up those finger paintings you proudly made at age four and have them framed.  If your earlier work is not longer available, gather up all the stuff you have lying around your place or, better yet, hold a retrospective and request friends and family to return your masterpieces for archival documentation, i.e. Polaroid snapshots or Xerox Copies [scanning these days].  It will be amusing, enlightening, reassuring, and hopefully, inspiring!”

While I don’t have finger paintings or anything like that I do have some of my earliest sketches (as I discuss in my bio I started drawing at age 11), some that I did for classes in high school, and other artwork I’ve created over the years.  So I’m going to share those images with you and hope that you too will go back and trace your path to your current place in your art – whether that’s your earliest poems, stories, songs, or visual art.

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