Beauty Built Out of Brokenness

Mantle Headboard

Mantle Headboard Close

Mantle Headboard Up Close

This is our headboard.

When my then fiancée, Jim, and I rescued it from a junk shop it was a fireplace mantle broken into three pieces.  I helped as he put it back together with love and skill making it into the headboard for our bed.  We added the upholstered and padded center section today even though the mantle has been our headboard for over two years.

This one-of-kind headboard is an analogy of our coming together.  We are proof that, no matter how broken we become from life’s trials, there is always a possibility of something beautiful being created in the process.  Our path to this place of togetherness and love had many turns and like our mantle-headboard life had chipped and cracked us along with our faith and belief in real, lasting love and connection.  Like this lovely carved wooden mantle we have found beauty, strength and rejuvenation in our love.

In just over two months we will be married two years but we’ve been coming together for a lifetime.  The journey has been worth it all.

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