What would Mozart say…?

My husband’s latest book review….they really are well worth reading. If you haven’t been following his 2013 Reading list reviews you’re missing out!

The New Southern Gentleman

I’m currently engrossed in Howard Zinn’s wonderful but lengthy A People’s History of the United States. For those who might actually check  the 2013 reading list I go on about with each of these reviews, you’ll note that the Zinn book is not on that list. We’re now into the “supplemental” list I have been creating since the spring when it became obvious to me that I’d run through the original 25 books by midsummer. Well, here we are a bit short of midsummer and I’ve already finished all but two of the books on that original list – and those last two, Jane Austen’s delightful Emma (probably her greatest triumph as a writer) and a book of Charles Dickens’ Christmas stories (yes, A Christmas Carol is one of these,  but it’ll be more fun to talk about some of the the short stories Dickens wrote (there were seventeen in all)…

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