What color is your music?

As an artist who has the grapheme from this book was invaluable in helping me better understand why, for me, 2 is always red, 3 is always yellow, 4 is always blue, etc. Great review of a challenging but intriguing book!

The New Southern Gentleman

On the wall in my studio (which serves me for both music making and writing) I have a huge dry mount poster of The Beatles. This is no surprise for those who know me – but why I love that particular poster might be. The colors (it’s from a fairly early time – perhaps even from the photo shoot that gave us the iconic cover for their masterwork Rubber Soul) are all yellow-to-gold tinted – the blacks of their outfits, the brown-to auburn-of their hair – even their skin is gold-toned.

That picture looks like what The Beatles sound like to me.

See, there’s this thing called synesthesia and apparently I have it.

So this next book from the 2013 reading list, Wednesday is Indigo Blue, intrigued me because it explains the history of synesthesia studies and how new technologies related to neuroscience and genetics are helping…

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