Too Busy To Breathe?

I haven’t posted in a while about what’s been happening in my studio.  That’s primarily because I’ve been too busy to sit down and ‘talk’ about it all.

I started an Etsy store in March and have been busily adding photography and artwork there as well as here.  Initially, the sales were steady on collectibles I’m selling to help  fund my art career.  Learning the system and keeping up with payments, shipments and cost of goods sold took up a lot of my time.  As I continue to prepare photographs for sale – matting, putting in protective sleeves, labeling – I’ve also been preparing for an Art Festival.

Last year I purchased panels to use in my existing tent for art festivals but did not participate in any events.  This year I’m hoping to do more of that starting with the HBI Employee North Carolina Arts Council Fund Raiser Kick-Off event next week.  As much as I hope to sell work there and support the Arts Council the preparation has been daunting.  I’ve decided on 33 paintings and 90 matted photographs to transport the 100+ miles.  And because of my nature I’ve done a lot of planning.

Have I mentioned that I’m an obsessive planner?  I’ve measured and diagrammed the tent, the panels, and artwork.  I’ve set up the panels in my studio, hung artwork, created visual diagrams of where each will hang and marked their spots on the wire panels with small pieces of tape.  I’ve printed the diagrams and noted in which portfolio each painting is stored.  I certainly hope this makes the setup simple and quick.  Fortunately, I have my husband, Jim Booth, and a friend of his to help me put everything in place.  We have 2 hours to get everything set up including my easel, canvas and paints since I will also be demonstrating by painting a piece during the 3-hour event.

As you can see below my studio has been crowded with all of this preparation.  As a result of the store work and preparation for this event I’ve done virtually no painting the past several weeks.  But that changed yesterday.

Getting Ready for Festival Time

Getting Ready for Festival Time

Portfolios and racks and stands.....

Portfolios and racks and stands…..

I’ve been an avid bird-watcher since the late 1980’s and was beyond delighted at the arrival of Blue Grosbeaks and Indigo Buntings this week.  This is the first time in the three summers I’ve lived in the mountains that I’ve seen these birds that became my favorite Neotropicals when I had over fifteen Indigos spend the summer at my feeders in the Piedmont area of North Carolina.  Yesterday evening I was able to get some lovely shots as the birds sat in one of our Japanese Maples scoping out the bird feeder.

I hadn’t planned to paint from them but I printed off a couple of the photographs and headed into the studio.  I only had room to set up a table-top easel but I’m pleased with the initial work.  I feel another series of paintings coming on…..after next week when I can hopefully catch my breath.

Start of Blue Grosbeak in Japanese Maple

Start of Blue Grosbeak in Japanese Maple

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