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The New Southern Gentleman

I returned to the history genre for the next book in the 2013 reading list – or so I thought.

The Road to Salem is a “constructed” memoir – historian and archivist Adelaide Fries (a descendant of the original Moravian settlers she writes about) tells, though the use of the autobiography of Anna Catharina Antes- Kalberlahn/Reuter/Heinzmann/Ernst (yep, she was married four times, outliving all four husbands – each time having her husband chosen by the casting of lots, a practice the Moravians observed for at least two centuries and which seems to have worked as well or better than any system we currently use for choosing life partners) with additions from various diaries (many of the sect were inveterate diarists) the story of the Moravians in the American South – specifically Piedmont North Carolina.

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