Sweet Jane…and the problems of writing

My husband, Jim Booth’s, most recent blog on one of the many books on his 2013 reading list. You really should go read his work – not just this but the other blogs, reviews of his novels, and the book-in-progress, “The Wonderful Land of Eden”.

The New Southern Gentleman

And so we come to Jane Austen.

Be forewarned. I have read each of Austen’s novels at least 10 times – some more. I wrote my master’s thesis on Austen’s novels (using Rogerian theory as a device to explain the social integration problems of each heroine – and, by the way, I would argue, as do some other scholars, that Marianne Dashwood, not her sister Elinor, is the heroine of Sense and Sensibility). I used to read all the novels every couple of years – a practice I continued for some two decades until drifting away from it several years ago. My 2013 reading list contains two Austen novels – the subject of this piece, Mansfield Park, perhaps Austen’s most problematic work, and what is perhaps her finest piece of writing (I use the term in its most technical sense referring to the achievement of the author as…

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