Edith Wharton, the American Austen

The New Southern Gentleman


“We live in our own souls as in an unmapped region, a few acres of which we have cleared for our habitation; while of the nature of those nearest us we know but the boundaries that march with ours.” – Edith Wharton, “The Touchstone”

Reading Edith Wharton again after many years is a revelation. This next author from the 2013 reading list is one I hadn’t looked at since undergraduate school, for sure, more likely since high school. Like the good student I was, I waded through Ethan Frome at the behest of my beloved English teacher Mrs. Ragan  – and promptly forgot it.

Truth is, I didn’t  forget it, or the author – Wharton simply wasn’t a writer who appealed to a 16 year old with dreams of  or rock and roll glory: I was more impressed with J. D. Salinger and anyone who wrote for what was…

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