Published Poetry

City Waking Up In Rain

The liquid gray shroud
enfolds rhythmic
water color ribbons
artificially bleeding
across its drowsy
blacktop expanse.
The splashing, mirrored
metronome pulse
of a sleeping city
waking to
umbrella anonymity.[1]

[1] First published in Mused – Bellaonline Literary Review Spring  Equinox Issue 2012

Whiskey Colored Dreams

 Curled up on
a park bench
his empty life
clutched close
in his hand
he dreams his
whiskey-colored dreams;
where the sun
never rises from
the shadows
and his life
is always full.[1]

[1] First published in Fall 1980 issue of Cold Mountain Review (published under Carol Saunders – maiden name)


 Snowflakes shaken out –

a softly sewn patternless
quilt of purest white

Published in Issue #10 Haiku Journal  06/18/2012


One limb hanging down
into the river’s pathway
changes everything

Published in Issue #10  Haiku Journal   06/18/2012

Covered in winter’s
branches, moon rises from a
bed of soft gray clouds.

Published in Issue # 10  Haiku Journal  06/28/2012

Bare gray branches etched
into the blue winter sky –
wind carries crows’ calls.

Published in Issue #16  Three Line Poetry  07/18/2012

Cat at Spring’s window –
ears twitch, turn; nose sniffs
chirping air under sun’s warmth.

Published in Issue #16 of Three Line Poetry  7/18/2012


sweltering night lit
by that bright cotton ball moon
velcroed to the sky

Published in Issue #16 Three Line Poetry 7/18/2012

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