My Palette Cover.

I am visual artist and poet, Lea Booth, and I reside in the mountains of my home state of North Carolina.  My journey with art began by using newspaper ad sketches as subjects for drawings

 at age eleven.  This early start of sketching with a No. 2 lead pencil eventually expanded to the discovery of pastels, oils, and charcoals.  I painted little


om the 1980’s as my career in the financial services industry required extensive travel and significant time commitment.  Returning to my artistic journey late in life has resulted in an outpouring as I work to leave nothing left unsaid. 

My art explores color, shape and light on a variety of surfaces.  And my artistic approach provides me freedom to explore and produce art in many styles without having academic boundaries or strict categorizations alter my personal perspective.   I am primarily self-taught with sporadic formal training – art classes in high school, a drawing class in college, and a plein air workshop with artist Heiner Hertling.  

My paintings and photographs are 

exhibited in local and regional galleries, cafe’s, and businesses and published in literary journals.  My writing, almost exclusively poetry, has been published

 by Three Line PoetryHaiku JournalMusedThe Fine Line and Dew on the Kudzu. Forthcoming  publications include Poetry Quarterly and  the February 2013 issue of The Fine Line.  I have gravitated toward simplification in my poetry.  While I still write longer poems my main focus is primarily on expand my skill in the art of the Haiku.

The reverse is true of my artwork.  My primary medium was oil until 2010 when, driven by boredom and the extraordinarily plain surface of an orthopedic boot for treating a broken foot

, I began to explore acrylics.  To paint my new footwear meant using a fast-drying medium.  Acrylics allowed me to paint in the evenings and still wear th


 boot to bed each night.  It also forced me to create the images rapidly.   I am re-discovering graphite and color pencil drawing, using pastels and even dip into the world of watercolors occasionally.

The attention to my creative energy has resulted in a prolific outpouring not in small part due to the constant encouragement of my husband and muse, novelist and professor, Jim Booth

If you want to view my paintings in person the ‘Events and Announcements’ tab will allow you to see where my work is on exhibit.  I am in the most artistically productive period of my life.  I hope you’ll return regularly for the artwork, poetry, and musings posted here.

“It is good to love many things, for therein lies true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.” ~Vincent van Gogh

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