"Israfel on Bass"

“Israfel on Bass”

My husband’s (Jim Booth) third novel, “Completeness of the Soul: the Life and Opinions of Jay Breeze, Rock Star”, was released in August of 2012 and I absolutely had to read the final version.   I’d been around to see the completion of the novel but did not see the completed  manuscript.  Not to mention it’s a really great book!

But what does Lynn Gordon have to say on this topic in her “52 Ways to Nurture Your Creativity”?   The ‘Read’ topic card states, “Most of the dimensions of the human creative experience have been documented in books. And there are lots of them.  Most bookstores and libraries have books on creativity as well as biographies of specific artists, numerous collections of artists’ work, and more ‘how to’ books than imaginable. There is nothing like reading about your favorite artist’s tortured life to put your own trials and anxieties into perspective. And if you don’t like the selection that’s out there – well, think about writing your own.”

I think one author in the household is enough but I will always be an avid reader of his work as well as that of many others.  I just finished current reading “A Woman on Paper Georgia O’Keeffe, The Letters and Memoirs of a Legendary Friendship by Anna Polizter”,  and am reading a bit at a time, “I’d rather be in the studio” by Alyson B. Stanfield and the first of the “The Foxfire Books”.

I think the advice on this way to nurture your creativity is one of the best in this set that I’ve read so far.  I fear we have forgotten what it’s like to sit down with a good book, our favorite beverage, without the TV blaring, and just lose ourselves in the work of those other artists – writers.  More and more all artists are going to need to support each other as there are fewer organizations out there to help do that.

At least one county in my state had their Arts Council organization dissolve at the end of last September and other artists’ organizations are finding it more and more difficult to obtain funding.  Independent bookstores, that support authors in readings and signings, are fewer and harder to find.  Similar to the popular buttons seen in my area a lot say, “Support Local Music”.  Maybe I can find a book on how to energize and shepherd local communities to “Support Local [sculpting, writing, painting, dance…..]?

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