It’s not just me…

I’ll say up front I’ve been hesitant to write about my husband’s work because people would think I’m biased.  I think I can now share how great a writer of literary fiction he is and not be accused of favoritism.

Recent book reviews support my knowledge that Jim Booth’s most recent book is as great as I felt the first time I read the manuscript.  It captures the essence of the conflict between persona and person that haunts successful artists – in this instance a rock star.   We forget that those idols of music were not always the people we see and think we know.  This novel takes a microscopic look at the inner life of one pop star and, in doing so, reminds us that we all are both more and less than what we show to the world.  It’s perhaps more drastic in public figures than in the rest of us but even we rarely share our whole selves to anyone but our closest companions.

After all, for a rock musician the persona that drew the audience to them in the first place is what they grasp to stay successful.  But at what cost?

Here are the most recent reviews so I’m sure it’s not just me.

“The deepest form of despair is to choose to be someone other than oneself; the opposite of despair is to will to be that self which one truly is. ”   -Soren Kierkegard

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