2 for 1

Since I was into Monday before I did Sunday’s sketch a day I went ahead and did two.  I’m so sleepy my sight is a little blurred but what I noticed from the photographs is that I apparently was also drifting.  There’s a definite slant to both objects as though I had my head tilted.    It’s amazing what you don’t notice sometimes as you are doing it.

I’ve spent what I intended as a simple, lazy day fighting to get my artwork off the website I’d been using.  There have been multiple issues with outages and viral messages and nothing seems close to getting fixed.  So I am closing that down.  I spent all day taking all of my information off hoping  the entire time that the site would stay up until I finished.  It did.

Over the next week or two I’ll be loading my artwork here instead.  Eventually, I also plan to find a reliable source for print on demand (POD) so I can still offer prints of my work to clients that want them.  Gift cards will be the last thing I add back but if you see a piece you’d like to have as a card(s) contact me and I’ll try to do those one-off.

Anyway, I’m rambling, another sign I’m way too tired for posting or sketching.  Here is the result of my drowsy drawing session.

The leaning lipstick and sewing machine oil can

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