Crissy Doll

Today’s sketch is of the doll that was supposed to be my last doll.  Earlier I did a sketch of an Eskimo Doll that ended up being my actual last doll as a young girl.  The doll I’ve sketched today was Crissy made by Ideal.

The exact name for this doll is ‘Look Around Crissy’ named so because she had a draw string  that allowed her upper torso and head to move so she appeared to be looking at the child playing with her.  Her hair could be shortened and lengthened by a knob on her back.  My Crissy hasn’t ‘walked’ for many years but her hair can still be adjusted.

As I promised myself I kept the sketching under an hour (actually about 35 minutes) so the ‘final’ is not as finished as actual final sketches.

Crissy Doll initial sketch

Partially completed sketch

Final Crissy Sketch

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