Seagrove Pitcher – Sketch for the Day

Last night I talked for a long time with my best friend.  We’ve known each other since the 3rd grade and best friends since we were 14.  We were college roommates and have shared every important moment in our lives for over thirty years.  She is, with the possible exception of my MaMaw, the most humble, sincere, and accepting person I’ve ever known; an absolute joy with which to spend time.

For a couple of years we would make a day-trip pilgrimage to Seagrove, NC for the Spring and Fall Kilns.  Seagrove is a place in North Carolina with the best soil for making amazing pottery.  The celebrations each Spring and Autumn involve potters studios being open to the public and shops offering special deals on local pottery.  We’d spend the day watching for signs for pottery studios and turning down gravel drives, making quick u-turns or watching in awe as a potter demonstrated Raku firing.

Today’s sketch is of a pitcher I purchased on one of those trips.  It has a lovely glaze that reminded me of iced oatmeal cookies and I could not resist its shape, color and smooth texture.  Now, however, when I look at that pitcher it reminds me of my best friend and gives me great joy.

Seagrove Pitcher sketch beginning

Final Seagrove Pottery pitcher (49 minutes start to finish)

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