Another Toy Sketch

Yesterday’s sketch was of an old doll of mine and today’s is of an even older toy.  This sketch is of a Toy Top my grandmother saved for me and gave to me when I was 20 or 21.  She had saved that toy and a rocking chair she rocked me in when I was a baby and gave them to me.

I have very few items from childhood and this one is a cherished possession because she saved it for me.  I didn’t know that in less than three years she would be gone forever leaving me with this piece of a childhood not remembered, or long forgotten.  A childhood saved for me by a woman who knew it all and from whom I received none of that knowledge.  But I have my toy top and a rocking chair in which to sit and watch it spin and wonder about the things people chose to pass on.

The initial sketch of the toy top.

Partially completed toy top sketch

Final of the toy top sketch after about 35 minutes of work.

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