The REAL Last Doll

I was eleven when I received, for Christmas, what was supposed to be my Last Doll.  I accepted the inevitability of it just as my favorite novel character had faced getting her own Last Doll.  Sara Crewe, in Frances Hodges Burnett’s A Little Princess was also eleven when she received her last doll, Emily, and treasured that doll through poverty as one of her few friends.

So imagine my parents’ consternation when upon returning from a trip to Canada, with family friends, I did so with an Eskimo Doll in tow.  I was fourteen at the time and thought less of her as a doll than as a souvenir of that lovely trip; the first trip I’d ever been on without at least one parent and, in most cases, my sisters.  The money spent to purchase her, $20 if I recall correctly, I had made by working for the farm family with whom I made the trip.  Nevertheless, I was somewhat chastised for spending such a large sum on a DOLL!  At my age!

Well, today I still have both Last Dolls and this Sketch A Day exercise is of my little souvenir doll.  Although the fur that trims her coat, real rabbit fur, is a little worse for the wear her suede coat, skirt and shoes are still in really good shape.  And she still has all her parts and as you’ll see her permanent rosy-cheeked smile.

Beginning the Eskimo Doll sketch November 18th.

Half way through on the Eskimo Doll Sketch

The ‘final’ sketch after 35 minutes – my REAL Last Doll


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