Le Penseur – Happy Birthday Rodin

I try not to focus on regrets and things I cannot change but as I looked at the Google search engine tag today I couldn’t help but think about one regret I have. I worked for a few years, transiently, in Philadelphia and I never made it to the Rodin Museum there.  I walked by it on several occasions but it was always closed by the time I got off work.

I did however make a point to go to the exhibit of his work in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2000.  I live in North Carolina so scheduling time for the two-hour drive, at that time, on a Saturday for the exhibit was easier.  While I still wish I had visited the Philadelphia Museum I am thankful that my sister and I made the trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art’s show of his work.

As a visual artist whose media include oils, acrylics, pastels, and graphite and colored pencils my work that is representational strives to create three dimensions on canvas and paper.  I am always intrigued by sculptors who actually create these three-dimensional works of art.  From the drawings, to the model statues, to the actual bigger-than-life sculptures I was mesmerized the entire day.

So I wanted to spend just a few minutes with my thoughts, pardon the pun, about one of the best sculptors whose work I’ve had the privilege to view in person.  Take a little time to contemplate and read about Auguste Rodin today.


Note: Originally published on November 12, 2012

My photograph from the 2000 Exhibit at the NC Museum of Art

My photograph from the 2000 NC Museum of Art Exhibit of Auguste Rodin’s work.

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