Day 3 of A “Sketch A Day”

I have some major work to do in the studio today (i.e. home studio) rearranging and photographic inventory (more about that in a later post).  Because I’ll be busy with that almost all of the day and with completing a still life I’ve been working on for a month now I decided to do my sketch a day post early.

I have one artist joining me in this exercise and hope to have many more.  The idea is simple:  in less than 1 hour a day create a sketch to practice and hone drawing skills.  While many things cross over from drawing to painting (e.g. perspective, composition, etc.) sketching has its own unique set of challenges.  Lacking color (the assumption being most of these sketches will be done in graphite, not colored, pencil) the eye and hand have to create tones and hues we find more readily available through our palette when we paint.

I would love to hear what you think about the postings, the sketches, the process – and if you are an artist who wants to practice your drawing – join us!

rough sketch with little thought to proportions – mainly focused on shade areas and basic outline

Still working out the proportions and gradually adding shades and tones

45 minutes later and, while still a rough sketch, the proportion issues have been mostly resolved; more shading and some detail added.

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