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Autumn is like a second spring

when every leaf is a flower 
– Albert Camus

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The Continuing Discoveries of a 21st Century Naturalist

Subtle Nuances in Nature I often wander our property on a nice day taking photographs of seasonal plants, birds and butterflies.  We have nicknamed our property ‘Butterfly Hill’ because so many visit us here – both in quantity and variety of species.  As a naturalist I keep life lists of birds and butterflies I’ve seen and/or … Continue reading

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The Making of “Cavendish and Cognac” and “Piping”

It’s late May on the mountain with steady rain and a temperature struggling to reach 60° (F).  The dampness is giving the atmosphere a decidedly cooler feel to a Spring day.  I thought about this as I was deciding on which artwork piece to write about in my “Making of” series.  The chill in the … Continue reading

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Taking A Chance In A Social Media Driven Society

I recently published a blog piece here and here about being raped almost forty years ago.  I spent weeks gathering research, examining my personal history, exploring painful childhood experiences and struggling with whether to publicly share such a personal experience.  I finally decided to publish it because I believed if one person read it who … Continue reading

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Betrayal of Trust: Abuse and Survival In The Age Of Trump

Recently I read an article, and comments on it, about a pedophile who managed to hide within boundaries of what should be a safe environment.  The man in question was a school teacher and coach at the junior high/middle school I attended.  I’ve heard discussions of “why was I not chosen”, “how could I have trusted, … Continue reading

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The Making of “Pearl of Great Price”

As a tribute to goat kidding season I’ve been posting photographs of kids I’ve had over the years on my personal Facebook page – Caprine kids, that is.  Some of the photographs ended up being the basis for paintings in my “Caprine Colors” series. I began building my herd in 2003 but didn’t start breeding until … Continue reading

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The Making of Sweet Helen

Goat kidding season is underway in much of my geographical area in the United States. In deciding the next group in “The Making Of” series, in which I illustrate my process in creating artwork, from an idea to a painting.  I have made this choice precisely because of the time of year. For eight years … Continue reading

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The Making of “Growing Girls” Series

A drawing is a translation.  That is to say each mark on the paper is consciously related, not only to the real or imagined “model”, but also to every mark and space already set out on the paper…..Every time a figuration is evoked in a drawing, everything about it has been mediated by consciousness, either … Continue reading

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